Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hot Bourbon


Ah, winter time.

Look into the grim, grey curtain of a February day. The snow, once so gleaming, now looks like tattered bed sheets dripping on the pavement. The cold sneaks her fingers down your collar, into your gloves, and through your socks.

Winter doesn't play. She likes to remind you that, in fact, you are not in charge. The simplest walk is now a harrowing journey; you negotiate whether or not you really need that gallon of milk or want to see that movie.

Winter forces you to get creative. There are always choices. What can you imagine? If it's a choice between being sad and cold or being happy and warm, why choose misery?

Hey! It looks like we're in for another storm, my gentle readers. Care for a suggestion?

Hot Bourbon
boiling water
2 tablespoons of honey
1 quarter of a lemon
3-5 whole cloves
bourbon (I like Elija Craig or Makers for this-- but any bourbon will do)

1. Get that nice mug in your cabinet that you love to drink coffee/tea/hot cocoa out of.
2. Fill it with a couple of ounces of boiling water (about ¼ full of a typical mug)
3. Stir in a a tablespoon (or more) of honey. I like more.
4. Stud the lemon quarter then squeeze the lemon into the mug. Then drop it in.
5. Add bourbon until you double the amount in the mug
6. Stir-- and then sip until it's gone. Repeat as needed.

The Hot Bourbon: a great way to lean into the last few weeks of winter.

Thanks to Esquire magazine, and the entire of country of Ireland, for the recipe for Hot Whiskey Punch.

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